New Platform For TikTok Influencers

Forhipo, A Social Media Marketing Tool Of BlueMind Company

The platform allows users to purchase social media marketing services through an API connection with service providers. Now, It is a simple to engage with TikTok influencers and help consumers to increase real TikTok influencers. Select target criteria, find a right TikTok influencer and choose popular package to get action.

Forhipo team had a plan to expand the platform to other social media platforms while ensuring that the current services provided for TikTok is efficient and effective. This was achieved by conducting market research, analyzing user feedback, and collaborating with service providers to develop new services.

As a team, we’d started Forhipo project to acquire the company a significant number of users within a short period. It is esigned end to end architecture with front-end, back-end, API connections. Thus, while the platform is fast, user-friendly, responsive on UX side, also scalable and secure on back-end with data encryption . The platform is connected with payment services easily. In terms of consumers, critical point making it responsive screen sizes and accessible to users on different devices

The successful implementation of the platform enables Forhipo to acquire new users, provide seamless payment service, and expand its services on Worldwide

The beta version of Forhipo currently provides services for only TikTok. But number of social media connections will be added soon