Building and Optimizing the Digital Presence for Pitgrowth


Pitgrowth, a budding B2B startup in the technology, sought a digital presence that mirrors the innovation they bring through their applications. Our mission at Elmali Tech was clear: design a digital strategy that not only establishes their online footprint but also positions them as leaders in their niche.

Client Overview:

Client Name: Pitgrowth
Industry: Software, B2B Startup, Marketplace
Brief Background: Offering two distinctive applications, service provider network and corporate network, Pitgrowth had needed a landing page that would serve as an effective introductory platform to potential clients and users.

The Challenge:

As a team, we’d started Forhipo project to acquire the company a significant number of users within a short period. It is esigned end to end architecture with front-end, back-end, API connections. Thus, while the platform is fast, user-friendly, responsive on UX side, also scalable and secure on back-end with data encryption . The platform is connected with payment services easily. In terms of consumers, critical point making it responsive screen sizes and accessible to users on different devices

The successful implementation of the platform enables Forhipo to acquire new users, provide seamless payment service, and expand its services on Worldwide

The beta version of Forhipo currently provides services for only TikTok. But number of social media connections will be added soon

Our Approach:

Technical Foundations: We initiated a demo site using WordPress, offering a flexible and rapid solution for Pitgrowth. Once we had essential feedback, we transitioned into developing a website with custom coding for enhanced functionality.

Content Strategy: We meticulously outlined which services Pitgrowth wanted to foreground. Highlighting the unique features and benefits of their applications, we ensured that visitors received a comprehensive understanding of what Pitgrowth offers.

User Behavior Analysis: We employed advanced analytical tools to observe user interactions as CDP, DMP on the site. With heatmaps and scroll maps, we discerned the areas of maximum user interest.

Optimization Measures: Leveraging the insights from user behavior, we optimized content placement, ensuring swift user navigation to vital information. This strategic placement contributed positively to conversion rates.

Implementation and Tools Used:

Initial Phase: With WordPress, we quickly erected a demo site to gather initial feedback and insights.

Development Phase: Relying on technologies like Tailwind CSS, HTML, and APIs in JSON for dynamic data retrieval, we built a state-of-the-art website that was both user-friendly and feature-rich.

Analytics: To ensure continuous improvement, tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Clarity, CDP and DMP tools were integrated, tracking user behavior and site performance metrics.

Results & Metrics:

Our strategic approach bore fruit:

1. Established Digital Presence: From having almost no digital footprint, Pitgrowth now boasts a comprehensive digital platform that effectively communicates its offerings.
2. Performance Boost:
Our efforts resulted in:

• A 50% increase in site load speed, enhancing user experience.
• A staggering 150% surge in user navigation to the registration page.
• SLA is continuously sustained up and the ping time is high than global leaders

Client Feedback:

"Empathy and understanding a business are important. Elmalı-tech is not only software development house also having great project management team. Thus, successive iterations, close collaborations and agility are given us speed to launch application. Even if we are aware of hard to find trusted partner, we had a excellent experiences with Elmalı-Tech end to end"


The digital evolution journey for Pitgrowth, guided by Elmali Tech's expertise, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. This case illustrates how a well-thought-out digital strategy can transform a brand's digital standing, even in a saturated market. We continue to stand by our ethos: every client's success story is our own.